Community Links

At American River Montessori, we believe that strong community connections are crucial to both our students’ success and to our own. Deborah Doss, the Owner/Director of American River Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten is a lifelong resident of the Sacramento region, a resident of Folsom since 1997, and the owner of businesses in both Folsom (present) and Rocklin (past). We encourage you to connect with our local community and to support those who have provided support to us, including:

Folsom Parks & Recreation, who help us provide our summer camps programs.

Folsom Aquatic Center, who host our Children’s Music Festival, and the musicians, sponsors and vendors who help make it a great event.

Peas & Harmony, who designed our Garden of Learning.

Sierra View Nursery, who provided many of our garden and landscaping plants.

Folsom Chamber of Commerce, who help us connect with our local businesses.

First 5 Sacramento Commission, who provided grants that helped launch our community garden and music programs.

California Montessori Project, who has given us a band, a teacher, and a wonderful elementary school for more than one of our children.

Other Folsom preschools who have, individually and collectively, provided us with training, advice, support, and enough friendly competition to spur us to do the very best job we can for your kids!


More Local Links:

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